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SOLD/TRADE ITEMS Love Bonito – Flutter Sleeve Work Blouse… - A Tiny Space [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Tiny Space

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[Sep. 28th, 2010|10:27 am]
A Tiny Space
Love Bonito – Flutter Sleeve Work Blouse in Beryl [TRADE]
BC - Chiffon-spag-top in Peach Pink [SOLD]

HVV - Crossed Chiffon Dress in Lilac [SOLD]
HVV - Lace Belted Work Frock in Pale Grey [TRADE]
The Velvet Dolls - Eyelet Embroidery Frock in Coral Pink [TRADE]
Pearlavish - Inspired Tulip Work Dress in Cream [SOLD]
Challures - Smooch Ruched in Jade - $23 [TRADE]
AE - Eva Top in Black - $25 [SOLD]
AE - Geraldine Dress-$27 [TRADE]
AE - Basic Summer Spag Top in Pastel Yellow [TRADE]
AE - Cassandra in Black [TRADE]
AE - Ruched Toga Dress [SOLD]
AE - Sandra in Black [SOLD]
AE - Grecian Green Dress [SOLD]
AE - Lace Sweetheart Dress in Black [SOLD]
AE - Royal Summer Dress [SOLD]
AE - Hilton Chiffon Dress [SOLD]
AE - Serena Dress in Yellow [TRADE]
Love Bonito - Printed Workdress [SOLD]
Love Bonito - Denim Bustier in Light Denim [TRADE]
BC - Chanel-Inspired Shift Dress Dusty Lavender [SOLD]
BC - Frills Spag Maxi in Grey [SOLD]
BC - Balmain Inspired Blazer in Black [SOLD]
BC - YSL Inspired Workdress in Grey [SOLD]
BC - Belted Casual Frock in Dusty Pink [SOLD]
BC -Satin Sleeveless Frock in Yellow [SOLD]
BC - Mod-Back-To-School Basic in White [TRADE]
BC - Pocket Tee Dress in Dark Pink [SOLD]
BC - Stone-Washed Denim Frock [SOLD]
BC - Casual Summer Tubedress in Cool Blue [SOLD]
BC - Cotton Work Dress in Grey [SOLD]
BC - Structured Tubedress in Fuschia [TRADE}
BC - Cross-Front Summer Frock in Green [TRADE]
BC - Shoulder Padded Blazer in Nude [SOLD]
BC - Shoulder-Padded Blazer in White [SOLD]
BC - Structured Tweed Dress [SOLD]
BC - Pleated Babydoll in Champagne [TRADE]
BC - Mesh Crochet Top in Grey [SOLD]
BC - Rosette Casual Frock in Pink [TRADE]
BC - Studded-Back Frock Grey [SOLD]
BC - Puffed Sleeved Knitted Frock [TRADE]
BC - Printed Summer Frock Summer Pink [TRADE]
BC - Knit Batwing Throwover (Dusty Pink) [SOLD]
BC - Angel-Sleeve Burn Out Top in Plum [SOLD]
Intoxiquette - Crochet Neckline Dress in Navy [SOLD]
Lilypirates - Seaside Harbour Dress in Denim Blue [SOLD]
Lilypirates - Butterscotch Dress in Winter Mint [SOLD]
RWD-Patricia Cornelli Dress [TRADE]
RWD - Chanel inspired dress in monochrome [SOLD]
RWD - Ruffle Trim Dress in Black [TRADE]
RWD - Cheryl [SOLD]
RWD - Donna Crochet Dress [TRADE]
RWD - Cropped Cotton Jacket [SOLD]
Hollyhoque -Lace Trim Button Front Dress in Cream [TRADE]
HH - Satin Strap V Front Dress in White/ Navy [SOLD]
lollyrouge - JewelFest Crest [TRADE]
lollyrouge - lady bonafide [SOLD]
Ohvola - NYSSA [TRADE]
MGP - Rio Dress [SOLD]
Tracyeinny - Michko Batwing Tunic [SOLD]
Tracyeinny - Fabienne Dress in Yellow [TRADE]
J'adore Couture - Preen-inspired Dress in Grey [TRADE]
Troytees - Sweet Ruffle Dress [TRADE]

[User Picture]From: gingerblonde
2010-10-07 02:09 pm (UTC)
Hi babe! :)

Any trades for Intoxiqutte-The Love Lust Top please?

Thank you so much for looking! <3
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[User Picture]From: inhisgallery
2010-10-19 03:20 pm (UTC)
HVV-Lace Belted Work Frock in Pale Grey-$25
any trades for this?


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[User Picture]From: atinyspace
2010-10-21 07:31 am (UTC)
e-mail sent to u :)
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From: saffronish
2011-07-05 11:52 am (UTC)
Hi dear, I like many of the dresses from your collection. trades? tnx :)
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From: helpkendraclear
2011-07-21 02:19 pm (UTC)
trades possible?
if yes pls list now what caught ur eye thanks (:
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: atinyspace
2011-09-27 07:01 am (UTC)

Re: Amber Avenue - Double collar Blouson in Emerald (M) - $26

din c anything i like, do let me know if u are keen to buy it :)
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From: swtswtlovee
2011-12-08 11:58 am (UTC)
LB - Alton Dress - $29

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From: melodytwinz
2013-07-27 01:51 am (UTC)
Allthingslovely Chalice tulip dress

What size? BNIB?

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