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(no subject) [Jul. 13th, 2011|09:50 pm]
A Tiny Space
Blogshop Dresses For Sale/Trade
(Price as below the picture)

- All dresses below are all brand new in bag.
- Price include local normal post.
- Selling off due to clearing of wardrobe.
- Please PM or e-mail me with your best price to


LB - Reyes Shift Dress in Stone (M) - $33

Allthingslovely - Bubbly Ballad in Pink (Size S) - $38

Lollyrouge - Lavender Prairie Dress - $28

LB - Allistair Dress in Malachite (L) - $32.jpg

MGP - Sierra Dress in Mustard - $28

Ohvola - Feeling Vintage Shirt Dress - $28

Amber Avenue - Double collar Blouson in Emerald (M) - $26

TE - Karly Polka Frock - $29

MGP - Gayle Bandage Dress in Maroon - $26

LB - Chinoise Grand Dress (M) - $33

Allthinglovely - Chalice Tulip Dress in Cobalth Blue - $28

Pearlavish - Inspired Flapped Silky Blouson in Deep Mustard - $27

HVV Collared Picnic Frock in Pale Grey - $26

MGP - Quincy Duchess Top in Black - $23

MGP - Quincy Duchess Top in Yellow - $23

Amber Avenue - Blair Ruffle Dress in Khaki - $28

Ohvola - EYELET SCALLOPED TOP in Prussian Green - $25
Almost Famous - Aura Asymmetrical Dress in Cream - $28

LB - Corporate Pencil Dress - $29

Almost Famous - Helena Duo-Toned Shift Dress - $28

Almost Famous - Mesh Drape Across Dress - $36

AE - Melissa Top in White - $25

Catwalkclose - Irregular Pleated Chiffon Pixie Top in Forest Green (M) - $24

Catwalkclose - Crossover One Shoulder Top in Peach - $24.

Catwalkclose - Slouch Work Dress in Taupe - $18

TE - Divya Basic Spag with Ruffles in Pink - $22

LB - Abstract Printed Frock in Pink - $28
LB - Night Sky Jewel Frock in Cream - $28

BC - V-Neck Frock in Black - $27

BC - Printed Summer Frock in Blue - $27


{C}{C}Intoxiquette –The Romantic Ruffles Shiftdress in Dusty Pink - $27

Pearlavish - Black Bandage Shift Work Dress - $28

MGP - Babydoll Embroidery Dress in violet - $25

HVV - Duo-Strap Satin Babydoll - $24

AE - Pleated Dress in Grey - $28

Dopestreet - Genia Coral Dress - $26

The Design Closets - Black Dress - $25
TVD - Embroidered Chiffon Kaftan Top in Black - $25

AE-Paris Hilton Inspired Dress-$27

The Design Closet-Structured OL Dress in Grey - $25
Ptp 16.5".  Length 32.5"  Made of Quality Satin. With side zip. Zoe kept 1 for herself
RWD - Josephine in grey-$24
PTP: 14.5''-17.5'', Length: 23''

Kristineyunny - My Pristine Little Black Dress - $25
lollyrouge – Backlash definitive-$26

MGP - Natalie $26
Pit to Pit: 12 to 19 inches. Shoulder to Hem: 35 inches. Made of cotton.  Grey military dress with pleats, comes with a sash for that perfect contour tie at the waist/hip. Simple feministic dress with that simple yet elegant cut. Every working successful woman should have one.

Ohvola - Christin - $26
Black white one-piece dress. Brown belt not included, comes with red belt as featured.  Elastic band at waist, cotton.  Measures 32" from shoulder down, 16 - 19" ptp

Seven Dresses-Gentle - $20

AllDolledUp - Splash Line Dress - $25

Peonypetals - Puffed-shoulder Dress-$24
Length Down: 30.5" Ptp: 15".  Thick Cotton material. 2 hidden side pockets. 1/2 princess sleeve. Double lining at the bottom. Belt not included.

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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2011|09:14 pm]
A Tiny Space
Blogshop Dresses For Sale/Trade
(Price as below the picture

Megagamie - The Lampshade Skirt in Mustard (Size L) - $29

The Design Closets- Stripe Dress in Black - $23Ptp 15"~19".  Length 30.5" . Made of cotton. Not Sheer. Stretchable

The Design Closet-Big Flutter Sleeve Dress (Grey) -$25Ptp 19.5".  Length 31.5".  Made of soft and very comfortable material. Not sheer. With inner lining. Zoe kept 1 for herself.

The Design Closet - V Neck Ribbon Back Top - $23

The Design Closet - Pleated Duo Tone Dress - $24

BC-Satin Tube Dress (Blue)-$26


BC-Grecian Satin/Silk Frock in Champagne Pink - $29Definitely one of our favourites!!Beatrice had sucha hard time deciding on the colours to get, she got all in the end! Zipper at the side. Made of luxe satin & silk mix - quality is assured! Measures 13" to 17'' PTP (stretchy), 32.5" Down

BC - H&M Inspired Bomber Jacket - $33

lilypirates - pls note that i am selling the color in dark purple - $25

lilypirates-Walk the Talk Dress in Blue $27

HH - Heidi Klum Inspired Puffed Sleeves Dress - $27Measurements: 14-18" Across, 32" Down . Of cotton bodycon like material. Fully lined, not sheer. Puffed sleeves details (Belt not included)

RWD-Pauline Satin Dress (Size M)- $25

MGP-Jessica in Yellow-$25

RWD - WATERFALL TIERED TOP in Pink - $25.jpg

AE - Wrap Dress in Black - $26


HH - Topsy Turvy U Dress in GreyPink - $26

Pearlavish - Criss Cross Duo Toned Dress in Grey - $27

BC - Ruffled shift dress in CHAMPAGNE - $26
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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2010|10:27 am]
A Tiny Space
Love Bonito – Flutter Sleeve Work Blouse in Beryl [TRADE]
BC - Chiffon-spag-top in Peach Pink [SOLD]

HVV - Crossed Chiffon Dress in Lilac [SOLD]
HVV - Lace Belted Work Frock in Pale Grey [TRADE]
The Velvet Dolls - Eyelet Embroidery Frock in Coral Pink [TRADE]
Pearlavish - Inspired Tulip Work Dress in Cream [SOLD]
Challures - Smooch Ruched in Jade - $23 [TRADE]
AE - Eva Top in Black - $25 [SOLD]
AE - Geraldine Dress-$27 [TRADE]
AE - Basic Summer Spag Top in Pastel Yellow [TRADE]
AE - Cassandra in Black [TRADE]
AE - Ruched Toga Dress [SOLD]
AE - Sandra in Black [SOLD]
AE - Grecian Green Dress [SOLD]
AE - Lace Sweetheart Dress in Black [SOLD]
AE - Royal Summer Dress [SOLD]
AE - Hilton Chiffon Dress [SOLD]
AE - Serena Dress in Yellow [TRADE]
Love Bonito - Printed Workdress [SOLD]
Love Bonito - Denim Bustier in Light Denim [TRADE]
BC - Chanel-Inspired Shift Dress Dusty Lavender [SOLD]
BC - Frills Spag Maxi in Grey [SOLD]
BC - Balmain Inspired Blazer in Black [SOLD]
BC - YSL Inspired Workdress in Grey [SOLD]
BC - Belted Casual Frock in Dusty Pink [SOLD]
BC -Satin Sleeveless Frock in Yellow [SOLD]
BC - Mod-Back-To-School Basic in White [TRADE]
BC - Pocket Tee Dress in Dark Pink [SOLD]
BC - Stone-Washed Denim Frock [SOLD]
BC - Casual Summer Tubedress in Cool Blue [SOLD]
BC - Cotton Work Dress in Grey [SOLD]
BC - Structured Tubedress in Fuschia [TRADE}
BC - Cross-Front Summer Frock in Green [TRADE]
BC - Shoulder Padded Blazer in Nude [SOLD]
BC - Shoulder-Padded Blazer in White [SOLD]
BC - Structured Tweed Dress [SOLD]
BC - Pleated Babydoll in Champagne [TRADE]
BC - Mesh Crochet Top in Grey [SOLD]
BC - Rosette Casual Frock in Pink [TRADE]
BC - Studded-Back Frock Grey [SOLD]
BC - Puffed Sleeved Knitted Frock [TRADE]
BC - Printed Summer Frock Summer Pink [TRADE]
BC - Knit Batwing Throwover (Dusty Pink) [SOLD]
BC - Angel-Sleeve Burn Out Top in Plum [SOLD]
Intoxiquette - Crochet Neckline Dress in Navy [SOLD]
Lilypirates - Seaside Harbour Dress in Denim Blue [SOLD]
Lilypirates - Butterscotch Dress in Winter Mint [SOLD]
RWD-Patricia Cornelli Dress [TRADE]
RWD - Chanel inspired dress in monochrome [SOLD]
RWD - Ruffle Trim Dress in Black [TRADE]
RWD - Cheryl [SOLD]
RWD - Donna Crochet Dress [TRADE]
RWD - Cropped Cotton Jacket [SOLD]
Hollyhoque -Lace Trim Button Front Dress in Cream [TRADE]
HH - Satin Strap V Front Dress in White/ Navy [SOLD]
lollyrouge - JewelFest Crest [TRADE]
lollyrouge - lady bonafide [SOLD]
Ohvola - NYSSA [TRADE]
MGP - Rio Dress [SOLD]
Tracyeinny - Michko Batwing Tunic [SOLD]
Tracyeinny - Fabienne Dress in Yellow [TRADE]
J'adore Couture - Preen-inspired Dress in Grey [TRADE]
Troytees - Sweet Ruffle Dress [TRADE]
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